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-to RiksTV Validation Service

Please fill out the form below to submit information about new receivers (End User Equipment) to RiksTV Validation Service.

RiksTV Validation will verify Your new listing. And thereafter publish the submission to our Receiver guide where it will listed and searchable.


Receiver type
Please type a heading for the approved product, e.g. [manufacturer] 2013 models, or model name.
Please type manufacturer brand, if you are an OEM manufacturer, please type the brand of the buyer.
Send the final test report to to receive an approval number for the device/platform. Input must be 7 characters.
Optional – if you are emitting a STB, please type the model number of the product.
Please type all models that is within the approved platform, they should be listed in one sting, only separated by a “comma” sign. It should look like this: Model1,Model2,Model3,Model4.
Please type the video formats your product supports, e.g. MPEG-2 (576x720), MPEG-4 (576x720, 720p and 1080i).
Please type the audio formats your product supports, e.g. MPEG-1 audio layer I and II, HE-AAC, AC-3 (Dolby Digital), DTS.
Card module
Optional – please select CA module support.

Frequency ranges

Remove the ones you do not support.