RiksTV Validation Services

On behalf of the DTT licensee, both Norges Televisjon AS ("NTV") and RiksTV AS ("RiksTV") are responsible for validation of end user equipment for the Norwegian DTT platform, according to NTVs specifications for such equipment.

From the 1st of April, Teracom will no longer be providing IRD testing services. We're currently working with NTV and NRK to finding a new lab, and aim to have one in place within February. We will update this page with any news.

To register your End User Equipment, follow these steps:

Register your End User Equipment

Send pictures (and if available, the user manual in pdf) to

Changes to existing listings must be sent to

Validation Process

A set of documents and specifications are available for the manufacturer in order to:

  • understand the validation process,
  • be able to order the validation, and
  • to understand the different existing requirements.

These documents are listed below.

All shipment costs, taxes and import duties related to receiving the samples and shipping the samples to the external test house will be invoiced the manufacturer.

The validation is normally only covering one specific product. A test may cover several products in the cases where multiple products share the same software and hardware. This shall be agreed with RiksTV in advance of the testing.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the validation or its process, please direct your question to

During the Christmas-, Easter- and summer holidays (July) the validation-service will be reduced, and a longer response time may occur.

Documents and Specifications

2010-06-14 NDA RiksTV.doc In order to retrieve the "NTV Basic Specifications" this NDA must be signed, please download the NDA and process it as specified in the "NTV Norwegian validation process" document. Please note that only this NDA in its original state will be accepted, meaning that any changes done to the NDA will be rejected.
NTV validation standard Terms and Conditions 1.0.pdf This document states the NTV standard terms and conditions. RiksTV will only provide program cards to be used with approved end user equipment. In order for a product to be approved the NTV standard terms and conditions for validation of DTT End User Devices must be agreed upon as stated in this document.
NTV Norwegian DTT validation process v1.0.pdf The validation process has been summarized in this document. Please download and study this document in order to understand the process.
NTV validation price list.pdf The cost of the validation tests shall be paid by the manufacturer according to this validation pricelist.
2011-01-27 Compliance matrix - NTV_RiksTV v2.0.doc This document must be filled in and signed prior to the validation of the product. By issuing this document the NTV standard Terms and Conditions is by default accepted by the issuer.
2019.10.29 - NTV Basic specification v3.08.pdf This document describes all the requirements to be fulfilled by the end user devices in order to be approved as a basic receiver. This document is only available under NDA. Please download and process the NDA from this site and process it as explained in the "NTV Norwegian DTT validation process 1.0" document in order to retrieve this document.
MHP Specifications DTT Norway 20.pdf This document describes all the requirements, in addition to the requirements in the NTV Basic Specification, to be fulfilled by the end user devices in order to be approved as a MHP (digital text-tv) receiver.
RiksTV PVR Specifications v2.0.pdf This document describes all the requirements, in addition to the requirements in the NTV Basic Specification, to be fulfilled by the end user devices in order to be approved as a PVR receiver.
SSU enhanced and simple profile signaling to manufacturers- template.xls This document must be filled out by the manufacturer prior to the validation. The document states the manufacturer specific signaling to be used when testing SSU functionality.
Rules of operation - SSU - v17.pdf This document explains the SSU Rules of Operations for the Norwegian DDT network.
Rikstv-test-plan-v3.08.pdf This document outlines the test cases and procedures performed during the validation of a basic receiver.
RiksTV SSU Test Specification - ver 1.2.3.pdf We now use the Nordig test plan for SSU testing.
RiksTV lab services.pdf RiksTV no longer provide any official lab services. But you may still request use of our lab for field trials and bug fixing by contacting
Validation purchase order form NTV has outsourced the testing to Teracom AB. The purchase order form can be retrieved by contacting Teracom directly at